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Our Main Goal: Exceptional Pressure Washing

Our focus is on delivering top-tier pressure washing services that significantly enhance the aesthetic and safety of your environments.
Our drive is to excel in providing bespoke pressure washing solutions, combining our deep industry knowledge with eco-friendly practices to serve our community better. Every project is a step towards a cleaner, brighter future.
Beyond achieving excellence in pressure washing, we are committed to fostering connections within the community by bringing our expert services directly to you, making your world cleaner, one spray at a time.
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10+ Years Experience
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Dedicated to Meeting Your Pressure Washing Needs

At Elite Pressure Washing, we take pride in our adaptability and commitment to serving each customer's unique needs. We understand that every property comes with its own set of challenges, and our team is ready to tackle them head-on, ensuring every job is done to the highest standard.

What We Offer


Elite Pressure Washing Melbourne excels in offering top-tier commercial pressure washing services, tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses aiming for pristine exteriors. Our skilled team leverages the latest equipment and techniques to efficiently eliminate dirt, grime, mold, and other unsightly elements from various exterior surfaces, ensuring your property not only looks inviting but remains in excellent condition. We specialize in cleaning a wide range of materials, including concrete, brick, siding, and stucco, delivering outstanding results without harming the surfaces.

Understanding the critical role of a clean exterior in business presentation and longevity, Elite Pressure Washing Melbourne provides flexible and customized solutions to fit your schedule and budget. Our services not only boost your property's curb appeal but also contribute to its durability by preventing wear and decay, thus minimizing future repair expenses. For exceptional cleaning that enhances and preserves your commercial premises, turn to Elite Pressure Washing Melbourne. We're here to help you maintain an immaculate and welcoming business environment, offering both one-time cleanups and regular maintenance plans to suit your needs.


Elite Pressure Washing specializes in premium residential pressure washing, offering a detailed approach to rejuvenate your home's exterior. Our team of professionals uses the latest in pressure washing technology, coupled with safe, eco-friendly cleaning solutions, to effectively tackle dirt, grime, mold, algae, and other detractors from various exterior surfaces, including siding, driveways, roofs, decks, and patios. This thorough cleaning not only restores your property's aesthetic appeal but also safeguards its structure by removing potentially damaging substances.

Understanding the diverse needs of different surfaces, we offer both soft wash methods for more delicate areas and high-pressure cleaning for more resilient stains, ensuring a customized cleaning regime that best fits your property's requirements. Elite Pressure Washing is committed to delivering exceptional service that enhances curb appeal and increases the longevity of your home. Experience the difference with Elite Pressure Washing, where we combine expertise with affordability to transform and maintain the beauty of your residential space.

Body Corporate & Government property

Elite Pressure Washing Melbourne excels in creating customized, cost-efficient cleaning plans for Body Corporate and Government property managers, ensuring their peace of mind. Our innovative SoftWash Cleaning method is at the forefront of convenience and effectiveness for maintaining property exteriors. We pride ourselves on improving the appearance of your managed properties with our exceptional exterior cleaning services at competitive prices. To keep your properties in immaculate condition, we offer flexible maintenance schedules that adhere to the most stringent professional standards

Our expansive range of services includes one-time or recurring cleaning, Softwash Exterior House Washing, Concrete Cleaning, and more, extending to specialty areas such as Graffiti Removal and Poolside Cleaning. Equipped to manage extensive exterior cleaning for both commercial and residential properties, Elite Pressure Washing Melbourne is a trusted industry leader. Our operations ensure minimal disturbance to residents, maintaining respect for your property and community. For detailed information about our services or to request insurance certificates, Elite Pressure Washing Melbourne invites you to reach out to our team.

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Elite Pressure Washing transformed our storefront! The team was professional, efficient, and the results were beyond our expectations. Our building looks brand new, and we've received so many compliments from customers.

I was impressed by the thoroughness of Elite Pressure Washing's services. They tackled years of built-up grime on our parking lot, leaving it spotless and safe. Their attention to detail and eco-friendly approach really sets them apart.

Fantastic experience with Elite Pressure Washing! They were quick to respond, offered reasonable pricing, and their work on our commercial property was top-notch. The difference in our sidewalks and exterior walls is night and day. Highly recommend


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